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Romantic Charleston Engagement Photos

Brad and I first met during our freshman year of high school. He was very shy at first, but we shared many classes, so we quickly warmed up to each other and I began to notice how sweet and thoughtful he was. He would draw me pictures in class and wait for me by my locker. One day, he asked me out and our very first date was to the movies where we shared ice cream after. Even though we couldn’t drive and our parents dropped us off, it was so nice and perfect. Since we had different friend groups in school, it was sometimes difficult to get together so we decided to stay just friends for most of our remaining high school years, but we never truly parted from one another. We remained involved in each other’s lives and over the years, our initial interest grew into something more. We became the best of friends and finally during our senior year, we decided to give our relationship another try!

From that point on, we knew we wanted to be together. We initially started at separate colleges in Wisconsin and the distance was hard, but I tried my best to visit him every chance I could. On my visits, I fell in love with the university he was attending and quickly realized it was also the perfect place for me to be. I joined him there the following year and we got to experience all of college life together and share so many memories.

After graduation, Brad accepted a job in Atlanta, GA so we packed up and moved to the south together! Since we grew up in the Midwest, we wanted to take advantage of exploring all the beautiful places the south has to offer. We took trips to both Savanah and Charleston, although Charleston quickly became our favorite destination. For Labor Day weekend, Brad and I planned a trip there to celebrate the last day of summer and one evening before dinner, he suggested we visit White Point Garden to take a nice photo together. We arrived at the park and circled a few times to find the perfect “spot”, but I soon realized Brad was more nervous than usual for just taking a photo. He stopped me and took both of my hands in his and started to say the sweetest and most loving things before getting down on one knee! Between the nerves and excitement, we both can’t quite remember what was said, but that didn’t matter. We were both beaming with happiness when I said yes! It was the most perfect moment.

Location: Battery Park, Charleston

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