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We had such a wonderful day celebrating these two! They are so fun and full of life, have amazing family and friends, the cutest story to boot. Highschool sweethearts. After meeting at a football game sophomore year in high school where he teased her and she wondered what this cutest boy ever was all about..she left without giving him her number, but he got it from a friend and called her two weeks later at Christmas. Even though she didn’t have his number, she could just tell it was him as they talked. A year after talking/flirting back and forth, they started dating. The proposal is always best coming from the bride, so here it is from her 😉

“I had known that we were getting engaged soon (I’m convinced that it is never truly a surprise….girls always know!!) but I wasn’t sure exactly when it would be. All I knew was I had told him not to propose unless my parents are there. I am such a family girl and my parents mean the world to me, so I knew I didn’t want to have such an important moment of my life happen without them there. Flash forward to my graduation from UGA.. I had told all my friends that I just knew it was going to happen that day, all my family would be together in one place and he wouldn’t have to plan so it was perfect (Garrett is not a romantic and he is definitely not a planner LOL, he is way too goofy for that). After my graduation we went to lunch…lunch ended and still nothing. I started to realize it wasn’t happening that day. My parents also said they were going to our mountain house for the rest of the weekend, and I was like “Wow it is definitely not happening this weekend. How did I misread that one?!” To be honest I was kind of in a bad mood over it. LOL. Flash forward to the next morning, Garrett’s mom woke us up at 8:30am and Garrett said “I need you to leave my house and go home and get ready by 10.” and I was like “There is NO way i can get home and ready in an hour and a half to go anywhere!!! And also why are you kicking me out of your house!!!” Eventually he was able to get me to leave, and I called my mom on the way to my house upset about it and she said “Just go and get ready!”. At this point I am thinking he was just tricking me into going on some fancy date to mess with my mind because my parents are out of town and there was no way he would actually propose today. Fast forward to 10:30….I am running late as usual!! We finally leave my house and are on the way to this surprise date. I had no idea where he was taking me but eventually we popped out at Ponce City Market. I thought “okay, were going shopping” LOL. But then we valet parked and walked to the sky lift that takes you to the roof. Garrett says “We’re here for the private ice skating” and I was like “WE’RE HERE FOR WHAT?!?!?! WHAT IS GOING ON??” The lady had our wrist bands ready on the side, which was so confusing to me. She then told me she is the event coordinator and I was like “why is the event coordinator taking us up to the roof….isn’t that way below her duties??” LOL. We got to the roof, and all the staff is smiling SO big at me, which was making me nervous!! I thought either something is happening or everyone here is just super excited at work!! We got to the roof and out of no where Garrett pulled out 6 roses and told me there is a rose for every year we’ve been together. I look over at the ice skating rink and on the ice are candles and flowers placed in the shape of a heart and every song on earth that references marriage was playing on the loud speaker! I said “you’re proposing aren’t you??” and he said “no were here to skate” so I just accepted that and we put our skates on and started skating! Half way around the ring I looked over the edge and on a table I saw 6 champagne glasses and I was thinking WHY are there 6 glasses and 2 of us. And all the sudden in the middle of the ice Garrett says “I need to tie my skate tighter” and he started to get down and I was like “WAIT!! You could fall and take me down with you! Come tie your skate on the side!!” So I skated over to the side and as I turned around he was on one knee with the ring and asked me to marry him!! Both of our parents came out from hiding behind the bar! I had no idea! It was the most wonderful surprise to have our parents there and my sister and her boyfriend came up and surprised us as well. We all got to celebrate on the roof in private while having the most incredible view ever behind us. It was the most perfect day!”


Wedding Venue: The Wright Farm | Wedding Planning: Holly Maddox | Floral Design: Amanda Clayton Designs | Wedding Dress Design: Martina Liana | Wedding Dress from: J Andrews Bridal| Bridesmaid Dresses: Show me you mumu| Caterer: Tulla White Catering | Music: MixPro Events and Entertainment

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