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Meet Megan and Andrew who are so incredibly warm and kind, they are an absolute ray of sunshine to be around! Not to mention adorable together ; )  They have such a sweet intimacy, you can absolutely feel it in the pictures (especially in their embrace – heart explosions!). Add to that their joyous zest for life and loving everything from fantasy football, to cooking, concerts, trying new restaurants, family time, having living room campouts together to watch their favorite childhood movies, and you quickly realize it is impossible not to like them! In fact, you may want to go ahead and apply for best-friendship  ; ) I’m kidding….kind of.  They really are that fun to be around. I think the thing that captured my heart the most though was hearing one of their favorite pastimes….drinking wine on their back porch while listening to records. How charming is that?

And now for a little snippet from the groom on the proposal! “We had traveled together to Chicago on a few occasions and really fell in love with the city. Megan had heard about a world renowned restaurant called Alinea. We ate there on one of our trips and we were blown away. It is a great restaurant that is totally different than anything we’ve ever experienced, but avoids being pretentious. However, reservations can be difficult to get and are usually booked months in advance. When we started planning another trip to Chicago, I knew where I wanted to propose. I spent months secretly setting up a surprise dinner for her (including an entire false dinner plan as a decoy) and when we pulled up at Alinea, she was in shock. I didn’t want her to get suspicious about what might be coming so I told her I just wanted to surprise her for her 30th birthday. However, right before the 18th course, our server presented a unique dish on our table and told her that this course was just for her. When she opened it, her ring was nestled on top of some white linens and I asked her to marry me. The room we were in was very private, but there were a couple of tables near us. The few people around us were very excited and took our picture as well as toasted us (the servers were kind enough to give us all champagne as a congratulations)”.


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